45 DIY Garden Marker Ideas

Create an organized and beautiful garden with these DIY plant markers! Over 45 ideas that are made from upcycled and recycled materials.

collage of DIY garden markers

What are Plant Markers Used for?

Plant markers, or garden markers, are a way to keep track of what you’ve planted and where. They can be as simple as a large popsicle stick with permanent marker writing, or as fancy as you like!

I like to find thrifty ways to build and decorate my garden, like repurposing bricks from my dad’s old yard wall to make raised beds. Garden markers can also be made with upcycled and recycled materials!

If you are just starting out with homesteading or gardening, then you know that one of the most difficult parts of starting a garden is keeping track of what you planted! Instead of running around wondering what’s in each patch or planter, use one of these easy garden marker ideas to help you get your plants organized and add some charm to your green spaces!

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45 Cute and Easy DIY Garden Markers

Simply click on the project name below each picture to open the tutorial in a new browser window.

plant marker made from popsicle stick

Popsicle Stick Garden Markers — Have a wood-burning tool? Try this simple craft for your garden

small garden markers for potted plants

Picture Markers for the Garden – Make pictorial markers for your garden using this tutorial.

stamped metal plant markers

Hand Stamped Plant Markers – You don’t need a green thumb to make these cool hand-stamped plant markers!

plastic spoon herb garden marker

Plastic Spoon Markers – These are a simple and sustainable way to create garden markers for your garden and reduce plastic waste!

garden row markers made from old keys

Recycled Key Markers – These plant markers are an easy recycled craft for your garden. Perfect for pots and smaller herb gardens.

wine cork plant markers

DIY Cork Garden Labels Tutorial – If you (like me) save extra wine corks, this is an excellent way to put them to good use!

cement plant markers

Make Cement Plant Label Stakes  – A fun and easy cement craft to help you organize your potted and garden bed plants.

garden tags shaped like mason jars

Garden Labels in a Jar Shape – A quick and easy project for an herb garden. Use chalkboard material for re-usable and re-writable labels!

butterfly plant markers

Easy DIY Butterfly Markers – Identify fruits and veggies with ease using this adorable garden marker for butterfly fans.

tin can lids with plant names stamped on top

Upcycled Hand Stamped Can Top Markers – Upcycle your old can toppers to make these rustic garden markers.

cement spoon garden marker

DIY Cement Spoon Garden Markers – Not only are these so cute, but they’re super easy to make!

painted stone plant markers

Painted Stones Your kids will love being able to help out with making these super easy plant markers. All you need are river stones and acrylic craft paints!

upcycled knives made into plant name markers

DIY Upcycled Knife Garden Row Markers – Hit up the antique store for old cutlery to repurpose into plant markers!

frying pan converted into a garden marker

Upcycled Chalkboard Frying Pan – When the nonstick coating starts to wear off on your pans, repurpose them into keeping your garden organized.

basil wood cutout

DIY Wood Veneer Plant Labels – Use your Cricut to make these easy garden markers.

sculpted clay potted plant name markers

DIY Herb Markers with Air Dry Easy-Sculpt Clay – Create your own hand stamped garden markers for an outdoor or indoor herb garden.

wood slice cutouts with plant pictures

DIY Wood Slice Markers – Use your cricut to make these adorable and easy picture markers for the garden.

popsicle sticks with plant names stamped on them

Popsicle Stick Markers – If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to label your garden, then you’ve got to try these popsicle stick garden markers!

tin garden markers

Recycled Tin Marker Craft – Use recycled tins to make these one of a kind garden markers. Adds an eccentric touch to the garden!

painted birds with plant names

Birdy Flower Markers for Your Garden – These adorable flower markers are so adorable and perfect for any kind of garden.

painted rocks with plant names

Rock Plant Name Markers – Use rocks with a special outdoor paint to label your garden!

painted rocks with veggies

Rock Painting Vegetables – Paint funny shaped rocks to look like the vegetables growing in your garden!

spoons with herb names

Garden Stakes DIY – Made with a Cricut machine and some old utensils, these sturdy garden stakes can weather any storm.

wood slices painted with plants and names for the garden

Painted Rock Garden Circles – Add some personality to your garden with these pretty painted circles!

herb garden signs

DIY Herb Signs for the Garden – Use a mason jar lid to make these one of a kind herb garden signs.

sea shell garden markers

Seashell Plant Labels for Outdoor Garden Beds – Put those beachy shells to great use in the garden!

painted vegetable rocks

DIY Garden Rock Markers – Label your outdoor vegetable plants with these adorable painted rock markers.

herb garden markers made with Scrabble tiles

Scrabble Tile Garden Labels– Use old scrabble tiles to spell out plant names!

small herb garden markers

Clay Markers– Use oven baked clay to make these chic looking plant name stakes.

easy plant markers for the garden

DIY Markers – These simple but effective garden markers are a great last minute DIY for your garden.

painted wood signs for the garden

DIY Garden Stakes – Use scrap wood to make these eye catching garden signs.

easy plant markers

Easy DIY Markers – These quick and easy plant markers are a fun and great DIY to do with your kids.

beaded plant decorations for the garden

How to Make Pearly Plant Pokes – Bring some color to your green potted plants with these beaded garden markers.

garden markers made with wooden spoons and Cricut cutouts

DIY Cricut Wooden Spoon Markers – Use painted wooden spoons and your Cricut to make these beautiful garden markers.

painted stones for the garden

Veggie Painting Stones – If you’re looking for a cheap and easy garden craft, you can’t go wrong with these funny faces!

painted wooden spoon garden markers

DIY Spoon Markers – All you need are wooden spoons, paint, and markers!

washi tape plant markers

Washi Tape Markers So easy! Just wrap and label! Use different patterns and colors to make them pop!

paint stick plant markers

Paint Stick Markers – Use paint sticks and some leftover paint to make these inexpensive garden markers.

painted rock garden decorations

DIY Painted Rock Markers – Express yourself and make some creative plant row markers out of rocks. You can paint or draw them!

clay stamped garden markers

Clay Stamped Garden Labels Use clay to make these unique stamped labels for your plants!

alphabet bead plant markers

Beaded Markers – We used to make name bracelets as a kid…now use that same technique for the garden!

painted rocks for the garden

Vegetable Name Stones  – Let your kids help out in the garden by making these cute garden stones!

painted clay markers for herb garden

DIY Clay Vegetable Markers – Learn how to make these cute and easy vegetable markers.

rocks painted with garden herb names

Painted Rock Markers – Simple and chic!

craft stick herb garden markers

Herb Name Markers – Make these easy herb markers to label all your fresh herbs.

painted rock garden markers

Pour Painted Garden Rocks – Pour paint makes a colorful way to label your garden!

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