Hi there, my name is Stacey and I’m the face behind the blog!

Growing up in West Virginia, I spent weekends on my Granny and Grandad’s farm. They had horses, dogs, a garden, a catfish pond, and lots of room to roam. I always knew I wanted something like that too.

homestead woman with goat and dog

Fast forward a couple decades and I’m now in Texas “living the dream.” My husband grew up a city boy, but he’s a good sport and has embraced living on 5 acres in the country.

I call myself a “novice homesteader” because I’m learning along the way. Yes, I learned a lot watching my Granny and Grandad, but I don’t think you’ll ever truly “know it all” out here. That’s the beauty and the challenge of homesteading.

One thing I regret is not getting started before I bought my house in the country. You don’t have to wait until everything is “perfect” because you could be waiting a long time!

Even in the suburbs or an apartment, you can incorporate aspects of homesteading and self sufficiency in your life.

That is my main goal with The Novice Homestead — to share what I’ve learned along the way and to help others achieve their homestead dream — no matter where you are in that process.

Join me in bringing a little homestead into your life!

— Stacey

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