Banana Peel Water Fertilizer

Start saving those banana peels! You can use them to make banana peel water, an awesome natural plant fertilizer!

Is Banana Peel Water Good for Plants?

It is well known that bananas are beneficial for our own diet, but did you know that they are beneficial for plants too?

Using banana peels, you can make a DIY plant fertilizer that is easy, natural, and packed with nutrients to help your plants grow better, stronger, and faster!

When you soak banana peel in water, the vital minerals will leach into the water, so it is concentrated with goodies that will help your plants thrive!

Key Nutrients in Bananas that Plants Need

Bananas are rich in numerous vitamins in minerals. Below are a few of the vital nutrients in banana peels and that you can add to your garden with this DIY fertilizer recipe.


Bananas are over 40% potassium, so this is the nutrient that they are known for!

Potassium is critical for the development of strong, sturdy stems and stalks. In addition, in flowers it encourages the flowers to be bigger and more developed. Potassium is also important for the regulation of carbon dioxide in the photosynthesis process.


Calcium is essential for strong cell walls. Think of it like the building block for a healthy plant!


Phosphorus is a vital nutrient involved in plant growth and reproduction. It also helps plants convert the sun’s energy to fuel.


The most important role of magnesium in a plant’s life cycle is photosynthesis. It is also responsible for giving leaves their green color, as well as helping all of a plant’s enzymes to function properly.

banana peel water in mason jar

What You Need to Make Banana Peel Fertilizer

  • Bananas (we’ll only be using the peels for this)
  • Large mason jar
  • Water

How to Make Plant Fertilizer from Banana Peels

Fill a large mason jar loosely with banana peels. This will probably be about 3-4 peels.

banana peels in a mason jar

Fill mason jar with water, so that the banana peels are as submerged as possible. The peels may float a bit, and that is ok, but you want to make sure they’re not sticking out of the water too much.

pouring water on top of banana peels in a jar

Soak the banana peels in water for a couple days. After that, you’ll want to remove the peels from the water and put a lid on the jar to prevent attracting fruit flies.

banana peels soaking in water

Don’t throw the banana peels in the trash! Add them to your compost pile instead to maximize use from the entire plant!

How to Use Banana Peel Water for Plants

To use, pour the banana water around the base of the plants, so that it reaches the roots and your plant gets the most nutrients possible. You don’t want to pour it directly on the plant/leaves.

pouring fertilizer water on dirt near a pepper plant

How much to use depends on the size of your plant, but a cup or so per plant is a good starting point. Our tomato plants LOVED it!

How Often Should You Use Banana Peel Fertilizer?

Re-apply every couple weeks, or whenever your plants start to look like they could use a boost.

Be sure to use in conjunction with other natural fertilizers, as bananas do not provide ALL the nutrients that your plants need.

More Helpful Tips

  • When collecting banana peels to make your fertilizer, you can keep them in a freezer bag in the freezer until you have enough. This keeps the peels from rotting before you use them.
  • You can also make a banana peel puree. Instead of discarding the peels, use a blender to puree them with water. This puree can be added to your garden as you would the banana water.
  • When finished with them, cut up the banana peels before adding them to your compost pile. This helps them break down faster.
  • For best results, use your banana peel water within a week after making it.
  • Keep the banana water jar covered/sealed at all times to prevent attracting fruit flies or other insects.

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