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Generac home generator

Is a Whole Home Generator Worth It?

Thinking about purchasing a whole home, or standby generator, but wondering if it is worth the cost? Learn about the pros and cons of a standby generator vs. a portable generator.

picking yellow tomato from vine

When to Pick Tomatoes

Do vine ripened tomatoes taste better? How long should you wait to pick tomatoes? So many questions! But we’ve got answers! Keep reading to learn …

fresh tomatoes in different colors on counter

How to Store Tomatoes

How you store tomatoes can have a major impact on their flavor and how long they last. In this post we’ll share several tricks for …

photo showing basil plant and illustrating where to prune

How to Prune Basil

Pruning basil encourages the plant to grow faster and fuller — we’ll show you two easy ways to prune basil for the most productive plant …